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European Antique Telephone

$138.00 $69.00

  • No external power supply, no batteries, direct current on the phone line
  • Retro ringtones (the sound of a sweet bell ring)
  • The redial
  • A hands-free
  • Rotary dialing

Suitable for placement: suitable for improvement of class and grade, such as family, office, luxury house, star hotel, art gallery, jewelry business, etc.

Handle: the handle and bracket of the telephone are made of zinc alloy parts, which appear to be high-grade and delicate.The handle is weighty and firm.

Electroplating: use high quality high temperature hydrolysis electroplating, spray imported protection oil, and then bake at high temperature to ensure that the metallic luster is stable, and maintain time to be durable, noble and less oxygenated.

It is important to pay attention to the use of vacuum coating in similar products.

Wood art: the original solid wood fine grinding, the paint surface is smooth, the archaize effect is outstanding.The drying process of the front and rear processes has been dried to minimize the cracking.

Packaging: there are exquisite color boxes outside, beautiful and generous, convenient to carry, with high pressure model poly dragon, high hardness, transportation is very safe, especially the wooden telephone is more safe than other manufacturers.